Sultan Ghari’s Tomb – The first Islamic Mausoleum

Entrance of Sultan Ghari’s Tomb Image Source

Visiting Detail

  • Location: Ghari’s Tomb Rd, Ruchi Vihar, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070
  • Timings: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Closed: Open all 7 days
  • Entry fee: Rs.25 per Indian | Rs.300 per Foreigner
  • Type: Fortress
  • Architecture: Corbel arch Jain-Hindu temple architecture 
  • Year of Construction: 700-1100 CE


Sultan Ghari’s tomb was built in 1231 AD for the eldest son of Iltutmish, Nasiru D-Din Mahmud. It was the first islamic tomb or mausoleum.

iltutmish ruled Delhi from 1210 to 1236 AD who was the third Sultan of the Slave Dynasty. Earlier there was a hindu temple situated where the tomb exists now (700 to 1100 CE).

This tomb has been constructed in a cave (ghari) with electrical steep stairs supported by pillars and made of stone. The cave is shield by the octagonal roof stone block. The outer part of the tomb is built with Delhi sandstone and marble stone.

Attractions near Sultan Ghari’s Tomb

  • Aravalli Biodiversity Park: Distance: 2.8km
  • The Central Park:  Distance: 1.8km
  • Vasant Vatika:  Distance: 2.0km
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