Humayun Nama – Biography of Humayun written by Gulbadan Begum

Gulbadan Begum wrote the book Humayun-Nama on the request of Akbar to highlight the life story of Humayun.

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Gulbadan Begum wrote the book Humayun-Nama on the authorization of Akbar to highlight the life story of his father Humayun. Her aunt Gulbadan was a great story teller and Akbar was well aware of her skills. Moreover, engaging writers to write their own stories by the mughals was into the trend those days. Akbar requested his aunt to write everything she knew about her brother Humayun’s life.

Gulbadan Begum wrote and introduced a document titled Ahwal Humayun Padshah Jamah Kardom Gulbadan Begum bint Babur Padshah amma Akbar Padshah”. Later the document was known as Humayun-Nama.

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