Masuma Sultan Begum – Fourth wife of the Mughal Emperor Babur

Masuma Sultan Begum was the fourth wife of the Mughal Emperor, Babur and the queen consort of Ferghana Valley and Samarkand.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Masuma Sultan Begum
  • Born: 14th century
  • Died: 15th century
  • Religion: Islam
  • Dynasty: Timurid (by birth)
  • Spouse: Babur
  • Father: Sultan Ahmed Mirza
  • Mother: Habiba Sultan Begum
  • Famous as: Queen consort of Ferghana Valley and Samarkand


Masuma Sultan Begum was the first cousin of her hubby and was a Timurid queen by birth. She was the fifth and youthful son of Babur’s paternal uncle, Sultan Ahmed Mirza, the King of Samarkand and Bukhara.


Masuma Sultan Begum was born a Timurid queen as the fifth and youngest daughter of Sultan Ahmed Mirza who was the King of Samarkand and Bukhara, and his fifth woman Habiba Sultan Begum niece of Sultan Husain Aghun. She had four elder half sisters. Aisha Begum was one of among them who was the former woman of her hubby Babur, and two further became her sisters-in-law.

Masuma was the step- daughter of Mihr Nigar Khanum, family of Babur’s mama Qutlugh Nigar Khanum. She was also the partial family of Aisha Sultan Begum, first woman of Babur, whom she latterly disassociated, under the influence of their eldest family Rabia Sultan Begum.

Masuma’s father was the eldest son and successor of Abu Sa’id Mirza, the Emperor of the Timurid Empire. Masuma’s paternal uncles included Umar Sheikh Mirza, the sovereign of Ferghana Valley, who latterly became her father-in- law as well while her first cousin including her future husband, Babur, and his elder sister, Khanzada Begum.

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After Babur’s loss of Samarkand and Andijan, Habiba Sultan Begum who was Masuma’a mother, brought Masuma to Herat. One day when Babur came to visit his elder relative on his expedition to Khusran, Masuma and her mother reached there. After that she fell in love with him. According to Babur, “At once I felt a rising in her great inclination towards me.” Babur quickly offered her the proposal of marriage in ford. Both of them started sharing the messages private messages. On the other side, Babur’s elder relative Sultan Begum (wife of Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqara) settled with Habiba Sultan Begum that the latter should bring her daughter to Kabul for Babur. After that Babur moved to Kabul where he married her in 1507.