Faustin Soulouque

Faustin Soulouque was a Haitian politician and military commander. He served as President of Haiti from 1847 to 1849 and also served as an Emperor of Haiti from 1849 to 1859

Faustin Soulouque
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Faustin Soulouque was a general in Haitian Army. At that time he was also appointed as president of Haiti. He was a very powerful general and had a good command on ruling the army. He had installed many black loyalists during his administrative position. 

He also had a secret police and private Army for his cell.

He was a very enthusiastic Emperor. Once I was also exiled to Jamaica before he was returning to Haiti. this was the place where he died and it happened in 1857 stop

 he was the last haitien head of state who had participated in  haitien revolution. this was the last revolution Before Haiti state got independence.

Early years 

Faustin was born on 15th August 1782 in a small town in Saint Domingue. His mother was a Slave. His mother’s name was Marie-Catherine Soulouque. She belonged to an ethnic group but then she was freed in 1793 by the Civil commissioner of Saint Dominic during the French Revolution. This revolution resulted in abolishing the slavery which started in 1791.

Soulouque Was  now a free citizen and was a part of black revolutionary army in 1803. 

There were several attempts by the French government to re-establish the slavery in Haiti. This was a big win to fight against slavery at that state. 


Soulouque was a respected Soldier and he was commissioned as Lieutenant in the  Army 1806 and then ranked General Lamarre.

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He was appointed under the president Alexander Petion as horse guards and continued this service for the next four decades in the Haitian military. Finally He was appointed to the highest command in Haitian army, as lieutenant  General under the president jean-baptiste Riche.

In a short period of time Soulouque was able to prove himself as the absolute ruler of Haiti.  He had consolidated a great power to arrest and kill, and Burnout anyone who used to oppose him. these situations helped in increase in racial discrimination in favour of his black population. 


In 1849 he launched his first invention of the Dominican Republic. Then a second was also launched in 1850. The third was envisioned in 1855. It is concluded that Soulouque was a man of high intelligence, realistic and super minded. He was a great politician and diplomat. and he was a very patriotic person who was always in post domestic tranquillity.


He married to Impress adelina  who also had a daughter who was also adopted later by him in 1850 and granted her the title of princess.


There are some records who claim that he died in Kingston. According to haitian historian, jackace Nicholas Leger, Faustin Soulouque died in Petit Goave in 1867.