Alauddin Khilji

Alauddin Khilji – The Most powerful emperor of the Khalji dynasty

Alauddin Khilji was born as Ali Garshasp in c.1267.  He was a son-in-law and the nephew of the first Sultan and the founder of Delhi Sultanate, Jalaluddin. Alauddin was the most powerful emperor of Delhi Sultanate who ruled the Indian Subcontinent.

Alauddin is known for initiating many regulatory and organizational changes, including price control and revenue changes during his reign. He was given the position of Amir-i-Tuzuk which is equivalent to master of ceremonies.

Alauddin Khilji
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Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Alaud Dunya wad Din Muhammad Shah-us Sultan
  • Born: c. 1267
  • Died: 4th January 1316
  • Reign: 19th July 1296 to 4th January 1316
  • Predecessor: Jalaluddin Firuz Khilji
  • Successor: Shihabuddin Omar
  • Religion: Islam
  • Dynasty: Khilji
  • Spouse: Malika-i-Jahan, Mahru, Kamaladevi 
  • Father: Shihabuddin Mas’ud
  • Mother: Not known
  • Famous as: Sultan of Delhi