Gateway of India – The Taj Mahal of Mumbai

The Gateway of India Colaba also referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai is located in the Mumbai city. It is an arch-monument built in the early twentieth century. In India, one of the most popular attractions is, no doubt, the Gateway of India. In 1924, the monumental structure was designed. It is actually a monument marking the critical ports of India and is also a popular attraction for tourists arriving in India for the 1st time. The Gateway of India overlooks the harbor of Mumbai, surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the Colaba district, situated at the edge of Bunder.

At this present time, it is indeed the preferred spot for visitors and welcomes stalls, photographers, and food stalls also. The total expenditure on this monument was around twenty-one lakhs. The Government of India incurred the entire cost.

Colaba Gateway of India
Image credit: Wikipedia

Visiting Detail

  • Location: Colaba Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Timings: 7:00 am to 5:30 pm
  • Closed: Open all 7 days
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Type: Triumphal arch
  • Architecture: Indo-Saracenic 
  • Architect: George Wittet
  • Year of Construction: 1924

History Behind

The primary purpose behind the building was to remember the journey to Bombay of Queen Mary and King George V. Sir George Sydenham Clarke, who had been the Governor of Bombay, established the first foundation for the memorial in March 1911. While this proposal was accepted in 1914 only, it was not until 1919 that the reclamations were finished. The design concept was planned by George Wittet, an architect. It required four years for completing the construction of this memorial.


A wide arch having a length of 26m is the significant marker of the Gateway of India. The memorial is made out of yellow basalt & concrete. It is constructed in an outstanding style. Trace amounts of Muslim ways of architecture integrated into the grandiose edifice’s construction can also be identified. The dome of the monument of the center is roughly 48 feet, if we talk about diameter, with an overall height of approximately 83 feet. The four turrets, built with delicate brickwork, are actually the main characteristics of the overall architecture. Behind the Gateway’s arch, stairs are built. The monument has been designed so that the vast expanse of the ‘blue blanket’ can be seen just ahead, embracing and sailing away and tourists away.

Tourist attractions

There are plenty of tourist attractions located nearby the spot. That is why lots of people visit the Gateway of India as they get to see other places too at the same time. Quite near the place are the Elephanta Caves, and visitors can ride on motorboats to enter the Islands. At the beginning of the Elephanta Caves, the Statues of Swami Vivekananda and Shivaji are mounted. The renowned Taj Hotel is by far the most prominent and spacious in India and is located near the Gateway of India.

What are the visiting hours?

Talking about the visiting hours, one can visit the Gateway of India anytime he or she wants. However, it is considered that November to March is the perfect period for visiting this place. There are far lesser instances of rainfalls at this time.  

No wonder why the Gateway of India is a highly renowned spot. It is quite beautiful and definitely a place one should visit. If you have not visited it yet, you should visit it for sure!