Kalkaji Mandir in Delhi is devoted to Goddess Kali

Kalkaji Mandir in Delhi is one of the famous temples of tourist attractions. As per hindu believers Kalka Devi was born in the place where the temple is built. Kalkaji Temple in Delhi also known as Kalkaji Mandir is a hindu temple dedicated to  Goddess Kali (an avatar of Durga). The temple is located in South Delhi. The temple is opposite to the Nehru Place business centre and near to Okhla railway station. The nearest metro station is Kalkaji Mandir metro station. KalkaJi temple is also close to Lotus temple and ISKCON temple.

Hindus have a belief that the statue of Goddess Kali in the temple is the sign of her existence in the place.

Kalkaji Temple

Quick Detail

  • Location: East of Nehru Place, Kalkaji, New Delhi
  • Timings: 4.00 am to 11.30 pm
  • Type: Hindu Temple
  • Deity: Kali
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Completed: Satya Yuga

History of Kalkaji Mandir Delhi

Aurangzeb had ordered to destroy the temple which was reconstructed by Marathas later. It is believed that the temple is much older. The oldest parts of the temple have been reconstructed because of its deterioration by Marathas in 1764 AD and by Mirza Raja Kidar Nath (Peshkar of Akbar Shah II) in 1816.

Many Hindu bankers and Delhi merchants contributed in the construction of many Dharamshalas near around the temple. The temple is constructed on the land of Thok Jogians and Shamlat Thok Brahmins. These brahmins are also the pujaris of the temple who also conduct the sewa puja.

Hindu mythology

As per hindu mythology, Kalika Devi was born at the same site where the temple is situated currently. It is believed that millions of years ago, two giants troubled the gods who were residing in the neighbourhood of the present temple (Kalkaji temple) and were forced to complaint to Lord Brahma. But Lord Brahma was not ready to interfere and refused to help them. Instead he referred them to the Goddess Parvati. Maa Parvati sprung Kaushiki Devi out of her mouth who attacked the two giants and killed them. But it happened in such way that as their blood fell on the earth millions of giants bornout of the blood. Kaushiki Devi fought the battle against the giants.

Maa Parvati took care of her offspring and Maa Kali Devi came out of the eyebrows of Kaushiki Devi. It is said that she drank the blood of the killed giants and the goddess achieved the complete victory over the enemies. After this incident, Maa Kali Devi fixed her dwelling place here. And she was worshipped as the chief deity of the place.

Beliefs for Kalkaji Temple Delhi

It is also believed that the Goddess Kali when got impressed with the prayers offered by the gods, she appeared at the temple site and offered her blessings to them. And then she again settled at the site.

There is a belief that during the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna and the Pandavas had worshipped Maa Kali at the same temple during Yudhisthira’s reign. Thok Brahmins and Thok Jogians have constructed the temple itself on the order of Kali.

The temple is famous as Jayanti Peetha or Manokamna Siddha Peetha. “Manokamna” meaning desire, “Siddha” meaning fulfillment and “Peetha” means shrine. This temple is believed to be the holy shrine where people visit to get the blessings of Maa Kali Devi to fulfill their desires.

How to reach Kalkaji by metro

Check out the link for the metro route to reach Kalkaji temple: https://delhimetrorail.info/rajiv-chowk-delhi-metro-station-to-kalkaji-mandir-delhi-metro-station

Kalkaji mandir timings

Check out the link for detailed info: https://delhitourism.travel/kalka-ji-mandir-delhi

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