Lake Tekapo in New Zealand – the second largest lake


Lake Tekapo in New Zealand is the second-largest of three roughly parallel lakes. The lake runs in north–south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin. It is in the South Island of New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo is spread in an area of 83 square kilometres in New Zealand which is at an altitude of 710 metres (2,330 ft) above the sea level.

Lake Tekapo
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The lake is fed at its northern end by both the pleated Godley River and Macauley swash, which have their sources in the Southern Mounts to the north. The snow melt from the Southern Alps is pigmented with a light turquoise colour from the glacial ground. This gives Lake Tekapo its distinctive colour. To the east of Lake Tekapo lies the Two Thumb range with Mount Toby (2222m), Braun Elwert Peak (2086m), Dobson Peak (2095m) and Mount Maude (1797m) amongst the mountains overlooking Lake Tekapo.

On the western side of Lake Tekapo. Mount John (1031m) is closest to the city with Lake Alexandrina further north and Mistake Peak (1931m) sitting towards the head of the lake. Cowans Hill (783m) lies at the southern end of Lake Tekapo behind the township and coming to the Tekapo swash.

The lake is a popular sightseer destination, and several resort hospices are located at the township of Lake Tekapo at the lake’s southern end. The Lake Tekapo Regional Park, administered by Environment Canterbury, is located on the southern reinforcement of the lake. State Highway 8 runs past Lake Tekapo at its southern end.

On a clear day, the high snow- limited peaks of Mount Cook National Park are visible from Lake Tekapo.
An astronomical overlook is located at Mount John, which is to the north of the city, and south of the small Lake Alexandrina.


The average water temperature of the face of the lake varies between a low of between 5.8 and 5.9 degrees Celsius in September and a high of 17 degrees Celsius in January.

Lake Tekapo is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand with periodic sun hours averaging more than 2,400 each years.


Large brown and rainbow trout can be caught in Lake Tekapo. Digging a lure from a boat is one option for fishing in Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. Fishing from the shore is also possible. The stylish spots for fishing from the shore are to be plant around the mouths of the numerous small aqueducts that flow into the lake. These include the Cass River, Mistake River; Boundary Stream; Glenmore Station Tarn; Coal River and the Macauley River. In 2016 the Fish and Game Council released baby salmon into Lake Tekapo to ameliorate fishing stocks and a farther were released in 2020. The upper half of the Tekapo Canal will be closed to fishing over the downtime of 2021 to conserve stocks while spawning. The Tekapo conduit is known for veritably large ( jewel size) rainbow trout.

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