Delhi – The Capital of India

India Gate in New Delhi

India Gate in New Delhi Image Source

Delhi – The Capital of India


Delhi is the capital of India and is one of the oldest cities in the world. It’s history is around 3000 BC old. Some of the most powerful emperors of the country have ruled over Delhi. There is a belief that the Pandavas capital (Mahabharat) was Indraprastha which is now the part of Delhi. Qutub-ud-din Aibak established and ruled Delhi Sultanate in 1206.

Qutub Minar and Tughlaqabad fort were created this time. Delhi Sultanate ended in 1526 when Babur defeated the last Sultan of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat and thereafter formed the Mughal Empire.

The Mughal Emperors ruled Delhi for three centuries. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built Shahjahanabad, Jama Masjid and Red Fort. After the death of Aurangzeb who was the successor of Shah Jahan, Nader Shah looted and destroyed Delhi. In 1803, British East India Company seized Delhi. The Company rule came to an end in 1857 rebellion and Bahadur Shah II became the emperor of India. British recaptured Delhi in 1911. Now New Delhi had replaced Calcutta and became the capital of British India. And after independence from British, New Delhi continued to be the capital of India.

Some Interesting Facts about Delhi

  • Delhi city has the second highest population which is more than 16 million after Mumbai in India.
  • As per metro economy, Delhi is the second most productive metro area of India. 
  • Delhi was the host city for first (1951) and ninth (1982) Asian Games. 
  • Delhi has also hosted Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2010, Commonwealth Games in 2010, BRICS Summit in 2012 and Cricket World Cup in 2011. 
  • It is one of the most polluted cities in the world.
  • Delhi is the biggest commercial centre of Northern India.
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi was awarded the best airport in the world in the year 2015 in 25 to 40 million passengers category.
  • The road density of Delhi is the highest in India which is  2103 km per 100 km2.
  • Delhi runs world’s largest squadron of CNG-fuelled buses.  
  • Metro of Delhi is the 10th largest metro system in the world in terms of its length.
  • Delhi is ranked 28th most visited city in the world.

Some Famous idioms on Delhi

  • “Dilli dilwalon ki” – means Delhi belongs to the large hearted people.
  • “Dilli abhi door hai” – it is generally said when a task is far from completion.
  • “Dilli pani tarse” – when someone has plenty but still he is in need.