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Gurgaon sector 29

Gurgaon sector 29 is the ultimate foodie destination

Sector 29 in Gurgaon is one such place where people often come in search of a good meal. This area is full of energy where people often visit to hangout with their families and friends.

Gurgaon sector 29
Image credit: LBB

Come let’s find out why Sector 29 is famous.

  • Sector 29 serves a variety of food whether it is spicy or continental cuisine. There are many types of restaurants here.
  • The environment of this place is very alive which connects people to each other.
  • Sector 29 is known for liquor and food festivals.
  • There are many options to sit with each other here, like you can sit in the open air or you can sit at a place of your choice under the roof. Apart from this, many such areas have been created here where people can sit in the open with friends for a long time.
  • The special thing about the restaurants of Sector 29 is that many of the restaurants here remain open till night. For those who like to party till late at night, this place is like heaven for them.