What are the benefits from drinking lemon water?

If the day is started with lemon water, then it is very beneficial for the body. Let’s know the 10 benefits of drinking lemon water daily.

Lemon water daily
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As we age, the process of digestion starts slowing down. The acid present in lemon helps to balance the acid level in the stomach, hence it improves digestion.

Aids in weight loss

It is believed that people who consume lemon water every morning are lighter than others as it reduces weight easily. Lemon helps in reducing the fat in our body and as the fat decreases, our body also starts losing weight.


Lemon contains phytonutrients which protect our body from many diseases and phytonutrients contain a lot of antioxidants which prevent oxidation and make our body disease free which provides strong immunity.

Kidney stone prevention

Lemon water reduces the ability to make stones in our kidneys.

Vitamin C

The amount of vitamin C in lemon is very high. Vitamin C protects and repairs our damaged cells.


Lemon water always keeps our body hydrated and removes the lack of water. This is especially useful for those people who drink less water.

Clear skin

It is believed that lemon water keeps our skin clean. Lemon contains so many powerful antioxidants that reduce our fine lines and improve the overall appearance of our skin.

Mental health

Lemon water is also beneficial in our mental development.

Provides Energy

It gives us a good energy to do all kinds of work. And it helps in overcoming laziness.


Our body is unable to do anything with the low levels of potassium in the body. Potassium is essential for the transport of nutrients and the removal of waste products and for controlling blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of potassium. Lemon is one of them.