What are the reason for pain in chest?

There can be many reasons for chest pain. Chest pain can be any type of pain, severe pain or mild pain. Sometimes this pain increases so much that it is felt from chest to neck. And sometimes this pain goes till the jaw. It may also happen that the pain reaches our lower back and spreads to both the arms and legs.

Chest pain should never be taken lightly, but it should be treated immediately, otherwise it can also turn into a life-threatening problem. It is possible that if we are negligent, then we will have to lose our lives as well. Before we get into any big trouble, we should solve it quickly.

Chest pain reason
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Main reasons of chest pain

Although mostly heart problems are said to be the main reason for chest pain, apart from this there can be many other reasons. These reasons can also be fatal. 

So let’s know what are the reasons for chest pain.

Heart disease

  • Chest pain usually occurs after a heart attack.
  • Symptoms of Heart Disease
  • Heartburn or tightness in the chest.
  • The chest pain sometimes spreads so much that it spreads to your jaw, shoulder and both the arms.
  • The pain sometimes increases and sometimes suddenly subsides. 
  • There is difficulty in breathing and cold sweat starts.
  • Dizziness starts, and starts feeling weak.
  • Sometimes vomiting is felt.

Other causes of chest pain

Apart from heart disease, there are many other reasons for chest pain, so let’s know their reasons:

  • Sometimes there can be a complaint of chest pain due to difficulty in swallowing food.
  • Sometimes taking a deep breath or coughing can also cause chest pain.
  • Sometimes changing the position of the body can also cause chest pain.
  • Many times the taste of the mouth becomes sour or there is difficulty in chewing food, even then we feel pain in the chest.
  • Due to acid reflux or heartburn, there can also be complaints of chest pain many times.
  • There is pain in the upper part of the stomach after eating sometimes because of gallstones which feels like a complaint of chest pain.
  • Chest pain has also been reported at times due to inflammation in the gallbladder or pancreas.

When to go to the doctor

Call 911 when you feel severe chest pain and the pain is severe and persistent. This is the medical emergency number. Do not ignore chest pain at all. If you do not get an ambulance in an emergency and there is no one at your home, take help from neighbours and go to the nearest hospital.