Ain-i-Akbari – Administration of Mughal Empire under Akbar

The Ain-i-Akbari is a detailed document written in 16th-century about the administration of the Mughal Empire under Emperor Akbar.

Quick Facts

  • Author: Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak
  • Year: 16th century

Ain-i-Akbari - Adm

Akbar’s court (an illustration from a manuscript of the Akbarnama)

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The Ain-i-Akbari is a Persian word which means the “Administration of Akbar” was written in 16th-century. It is a detailed document related to the administration of the Mughal Empire under the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak has written Ain-i-Akbari including Akbarnama in Persian language. It forms Volume III and the final part is the much larger  document, the Akbarnama which has also three volumes.

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