Rani Manrang Devi – Mother of Jagat Gosain

Rani Manrang Devi

Rani Manrang Devi was born somewhere between 1497 and 1539. She was the wife of Raja Askaran of Narwar who was also the Raja of Amber before his expel in favour of his uncle, Raja Bharmal. She was also the mother of Jagat Gosain who was the wife and the queen consort of Jahangir and the mother of Shah Jahan (5th Mughal Emperor).

Daughter of Rani Manrang Devi

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Rani Manrang Devi
  • Born: Between 1497 and 1539
  • Died: 1593
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Spouse: Raja Udai Singh
  • Father: Raja Askaran of Narwar
  • Mother: Not known
  • Famous as: Mother of Jagat Gosain